Germany May Launch LNG Price Cap, End Subsidies Earlier Than Planned

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may introduce a planned natural gas price cap for its nationals. Officials say it might come as early as January 2023, compared to initial plans for implementing the as of March or April.
Europe’s biggest economy is weighing the practical aspects of starting the gas price cap, which will be a form of subsidy, at the beginning of next year, a spokesperson for the German government said on Monday.

But the Energy Industry Association [BDEW] argues that bringing forward the gas price cap cannot be done as of January because of the complexity of the and administrative changes necessary to be made at such short notice. 

Earlier this month, a of experts proposed measures to alleviate the impact of soaring energy prices on consumers, with steps including a one-off payment and subsidizing more than half of the expected gas consumption.

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The experts recommended giving households and businesses a one-off payment worth a month of their respective gas bills and subsidizing between 60% and 80% of the expected gas consumption, while consumers will pay the rest at market prices. The one-off payment will be made in December, while th
consumers will pay the rest at market prices. The one-off payment will be made in December, while the plan for the gas price cap was to be implemented in March or April 2023.

The commission will propose measures to blunt the impact of soaring energy prices on large industrial consumers at a later stage. 

The measures are expected to be part of and paid for by the planned $197 billion (200 billion euros) “defensive shield” to protect companies and consumers against the impact of soaring energy prices. At the end of September, the German government said that it would ditch earlier plans for a gas levy on consumers and instead would introduce a gas price cap to curb soaring energy bills.

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One-off payment, as proposed by the expert commission, would be an immediate relief for residential and business consumers. But the subsidized gas bills could discourage consumers from savings. This would be the opposite of what ’s expert commission aims to do with a smaller part of gas consumption paid at market prices by consumers.

President of the Federal Network Agency, Bundesnetzagentur, ’s energy regulator insists that “significant” gas and energy savings are necessary to avoid a winter of rationing and gas emergency.
Households, industry, and businesses need to cut consumption by at least 20%, Klaus Müller, said earlier this month.

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