FG Cuts Citizens’ Rights, Ban Petrol Sale Within 20km

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The rights of citizens of Nigeria living at the border areas have been cut shot given a new directive by the federal government, through the Nigeria Customs Service, directing that henceforth petroleum products should not be supplied to fuel stations within 20km of the borders.

In a memo dated November 6, 2019, the Rtd Col Hameed Ali, Customs comptroller general, gave the order yesterday in the spirit of an earlier directive by President Muhammadu Buhari shutting down the country’s borders with neighbours, mainly Niger, Benin Republic, Chad, and Cameron.

The Comptroller General of Customs Col. Hamid Ali, in the memo, suspended the supply of fuel (diesel and petrol) to filling stations within 20 kilometres to all Nigerian borders. The implication is that Nigerians living the designated borders proximities will have to travel 20 kilometers hinterland to secure petroleum products for both their vehicles and generators, and other equipments needing the use of petrol etc.  

Ali directed all commands of the Nigerian Customs Service, through the Deputy Comptroller General Enforcement, Inspection, and Investigation Customs, to ensure that the directive is complied with immediately

The circular, dated November 6, 2019, titled, ‘EII/2019/Circular No. 027 Suspension of Petroleum Products Supply To Filling Stations Within 20 Kilometers To All Borders’, was addressed to “all zonal coordinators, operation swift response, sector coordinator 1,2,3 & 4, Customs area controllers, coordinators CGC strike force teams, coordinator, headquarters strike force teams and all marine commands.

It said, “The comptroller general of Customs has directed that henceforth no petroleum products no matter the tank size is permitted to be discharged in any filling station within 20 kilometers to the border”. Consequently, you are to ensure strict and immediate compliance please.”

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