Home Oil And Gas E/Guinea To Construct West Africa’s First LNG Storage & Regas Plant

E/Guinea To Construct West Africa’s First LNG Storage & Regas Plant

E/Guinea To Construct West Africa’s First LNG Storage & Regas Plant

Equatorial Guinea is building West Africa’s first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage and regas plant. 

The project formed part of Equatorial Guinea’s regional LNG2Africa initiative which sought to drive gas monetization through in-country gas-to-power projects

Located at the Port of Akonikien, the landmark regasification plant will enable the storage, transportation and distribution of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the country’s mainland.

The  design is for 12 bullet tanks to carry 14,000 cubic meters of storage capacity, supported by a truck loading station and 12-kilometres of ten-inch gas and diesel pipelines.

A statement by Africa Petroleum Producers Organisation (APPO) Group on behalf of Africa Oil & Power Conference said the project will be led by local construction and engineering firm, Elite Construcciones who will  install a truck loading station and 12 kilometres of 10-inch gas and diesel pipelines.

While other major suppliers includef pipe supplier PFF Group, who manufactured 12,400 meters of pipes, shipping agents D&B Shipping Ltd. who facilitated the shipment of 22 40-foot open-top containers, and Meakin Logistics UK. Elite Construcciones will also work closely with German companies Noorwerk and ESC on the design and construction of the plant.

He added that the storage and regasification plant advances efforts will  monetize gas resources through the creation of a domestic gas-to-power infrastructure. The plant will enable transportation and storage of LNG from the EG LNG plant at the Punta Europa Gas Complex on Bioko Island, to Akonikien on the southern border of the mainland.

“The Akonikien project was launched by the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons in 2018. “It seeks to facilitate the production and trade of LNG through the creation of a domestic gas-to-power infrastructure and intra-African LNG industry,” APO said

The Group further explained that the plant built by American manufacturer Corban Energy Group, has each tank estimated that required 12 hours to complete the 12,000-meter distance from the port to the new plant. 


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