Delta Gets New Modular Refinery as FUPRE, Oil Firm Sign MoU

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In about six month’s time, a new modular refinery with the production capacity of 20,000 barrels per day for a start will be unveiled in Delta State, Onose Deep Oil and Gas Nigeria has assured.

Also, a plant where all the parts needed for the smooth operation of the modular refinery will established in the area.

Speaking on Tuesday at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the firm and the Federal University of Petroleum Resources (FUPRE), Effurun, Delta State, a Director of Onose Deep Oil and Gas, Dr. Andrews Elueni, said arrangements have been concluded for the establishment of the modular refinery in the next six months.

According to Elueni, who is also chairman of the collaboration with FUPRE, said the refinery would have commenced but for the COVID-19 pandemic, which delayed the project midway.

He disclosed that all the components for the refinery were ready and would be shipped from Turkey as soon as possible, adding that Onose had agreed with a Turkish firm, UNKA Limited to build the plant.

Elueni stated that the MoU with FUPRE is to ensure that students of the university follow through on the processes of building the modular refinery to develop the needed capacity and manpower to drive Nigeria’s development.

He reiterated the company’s desired to transfer knowledge to the students, stressing that that would form the basis of Nigeria’s technological development in future.

“We are collaborating with FUPRE because Nigeria has reached a point where we should not only be driving cars but manufacturing cars. Components of the Onose Refinery, which is based in Omavovwe community, near Ughelli, would be manufactured abroad and brought to Nigeria.

“We intend having the university students follow through from transportation from the ports to running the refinery. We have signed an agreement with UNKA Limited, Turkey, for the students to be involved in the installation and running of the facility.

“There will also be the establishment of a foundry where parts of the refinery can be manufactured. So, if the students know how the parts are manufactured it will be a plus for the technological growth of the country,” he stated.

He explained that the refinery had been projected to move from 20,000 barrels per day to 100,000 barrels per day.

Vice-Chancellor of FUPRE, Professor Akpofure Rim-Rukeh, commended the initiative, saying the students would gain tremendous knowledge and expertise from the experience.

Rim-Rukeh said the MoU was specifically targeted at the transfer of knowledge between the Turkish company and the university.

By Peace Obi

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