CORE PA’s International Media Tour Showcases Mining, Oil and Gas Industries to the World

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In a bid to attract and retain Foreign Direct Investment in the core region of Pennsylvania, CORE PA Global, an initiative focused on creating and retaining jobs in the 53 county Core Region of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through aggressive marketing to foreign investors and PA companies ready to re-shore their manufacturing;  hosted a tour for seven journalists from six countries to showcase companies involved in the mining, oil and gas field machinery manufacturing industries from June 13 to 17, starting in Berlin and ending in New Castle.

The goal was to globally expose the great assets the core region of Pennsylvania has in the mining, oil and gas fields


Journalists represented Aspermont Limited, Australia; DEW Journal, India; USA Oil and Gas Monitor ,USA;  PROCESS West Magazine, IPP&T Magazine, Canada; Orient Energy Review, Nigeria; Pipeline & Gas Journal,USA and Coal International and Mining World, England. The Nigerian and African media was represented by Orient Energy Review editor, Margaret Nongo-Okojokwu.

On the tour, we heard from regional partners, industry experts and additional companies about the oil and gas industry on the state. We also learned about the supply chain, foreign investors in the region, infrastructure, manufacturing, workforce and education, producers, and compressed natural gas fuelling station.

CORE PA Project Manager Noelle Long said the tour is beneficial for attracting foreign direct investment into the region.

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“The core region of Pennsylvania has a tremendous manufacturing story to tell – that of innovation, quality, and diversity,” Long said. “We’ve found that by hosting international journalists who are able to see and hear first hand from these companies that it makes for a much stronger message to prospective foreign investors to see Pennsylvania as a great place to do business, and they are ready to welcome more.”

The tour featured Center Rock Inc., which provides construction, mining and quarry equipment. Their equipment was used to save 33 miners trapped in Chile in 2010.

Environmental Tank and Container; a leading manufacturer of equipment for the oil and gas industries.

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Curry Supply, one of America’s largest manufacturers and dealers of commercial service vehicles.

“O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems, the first private compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel station in the state. The owner converted 16 vehicles to be fueled by CNG, resulting in halved annual fuel costs.

Noise Solutions Inc., North America’s leading provider of engineered industrial noise suppression for the energy sector.

Ezeflow Group, moved from Texas to Pennsylvania in February, and largely do pipeline work with carbon steel. They have invested over $5 million in the Pennsylvania site since buying the facility in 2011.

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CORE PA is an initiative focused on creating and retaining jobs in the 53 county Core Region of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through aggressive marketing to foreign investors and PA companies ready to reshore their manufacturing.

The tour was CORE PA funded and executed, with additional support from the TEAM PA Foundation, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), and Tierney, a public relations firm, whose services were secured through DCED.

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SEDA-Council of Governments is the host organization for CORE PA Global, which is an initiative established to increase the visibility of a 53-county footprint of Pennsylvania to international and domestic investors. The initiative partners with over 50 economic development organizations and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to attract retain and grow business and industry in the region.

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