Clariant Oil Services Launches Breakthrough At SPE ATCE 2019

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  … WAXTREAT SubZero nominated as “Best Oilfield Fluids and Chemicals” category at the 2019 World Oil Awards

Thousands of Oil & Gas professionals will gather at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Canada from September 30 till October 2, where Clariant Oil Services will unveil its new WAXTREAT SubZero Pour Point Depressant (PPD) technology.

According to Clariant Oil Services, this novel innovation will help oil production companies, especially operating in cold climate regions overcome the challenges associated with the transportation of waxy crude oils and the mitigation of wax deposition.

WAXTREAT SubZero is a winterized PPD with innovative customization capabilities, enhancing performance, while mitigating paraffin build-up, in crude oil pipeline systems, at the same time reducing OPEX requirements associated with pipeline cleaning.

The product was recently selected as a finalist in the “Best Oilfields Fluids and Chemicals” category at the 2019 World Oil Awards.

According to the Head of Strategic Innovation at Clariant Oil & Mining Services, Anton Kaiser, the company will present a paper on the new technology at SPE ATCE, titled ‘Customizable Synergistic Polymer Micro-Dispersions for Treating Challenging Waxy Crudes in Cold Regions’.

He said, “We developed a series of higher active winterized polymer micro-dispersions to overcome issues commonly found in cold climates.

“Inhibitors and dispersants are viable solutions to minimizing organic precipitations and fouling in pipelines and storage tanks. Unfortunately, those PPDs are part of the challenge that customers are currently facing, due to their high product pour points. There is a real product offering gap in the market,” he said.

Continuing, Kaiser said both laboratory and field data demonstrated that the micro-dispersed polymers in WAXTREAT SubZero can perform at significantly lower dose rates when compared to the alternative, winterized polymers in solution, to help contribute to an easier flow of oil.

He maintained that the product remains stable and pumpable in cold storage, eliminating the need for heated tanks and lines while reducing operation and capital expenditures.

Clariant’s Regional Business Lead for Canada, Al Ferguson said: “Customers here in Canada, and in regions such as Russia and other colder oil producing basins like the Rockies, face oil production and transportation challenges every winter.

“This breakthrough PPD is available to them now and can greatly reduce those challenges, improving flow assurance, reducing unplanned operational downtime and maintenance costs.”

It further stated that some field trials are ongoing in Canada, with very positive initial results, demonstrating early success in lab-to-field deployment. Clariant Oil Services will also present scientific paper on the treatment of challenging waxy crudes in cold regions at SPE ATCE event in Calgary, Canada.

Kaiser will outline the research methodologies and lab and field trials undertaken to develop WAXTREAT SubZero during Clariant’s presentation billed for Tuesday, October 1 from 09:45-10:10 AM.

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