Again, Crude Oil Price Rises Over $100

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of again rose to $101.16 per in the international market on Sunday from about $98 per barrel which it was sold between Tuesday and Saturday.

On Sunday evening, Brent which Nigeria trades increased by $2.06 or 2.08 percent to close at $101.16 per barrel.

Meanwhile, The PUNCH on Wednesday reported that Brent sold at below $100 per on Tuesday.
It was reported that the of Brent fell by $7.72 or 7.21 percent to close at $99.38 per as of Tuesday evening.

But the Monthly released this month showed that Nigeria’s oil production increased by 134 million barrels per day in June.

According to the oil organization, Nigeria’s oil production in May stood at 1.024 million barrels per day while in June, it increased to 1.158 million barrels per day.

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