African Energy Chamber Terminates Partnership With Africa Oil & Power

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The African Energy Chamber has announced the termination of its partnership with Africa Oil & Power, which it has had since 2018.Under the partnership, the Chamber supported Africa Oil & Power in the organization of several highly-successful international events and investment conferences.According to a statement by African Energy Chamber, the termination of the partnership reflects a new strategy for the Chamber to focus on key issues pertaining to the industry and implement its own investment outreach strategies.

“We sincerely thank Africa Oil & Power for their hard work until now,” declared Nj Ayuk, Executive Chairman at the African Energy Chamber and author of ‘Billions At Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals’.“Under our partnership, we have been able to work on very important projects and strategic conferences in South Sudan, Angola, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea and the United Kingdom. We believe their journey is only the beginning and wish them the best for the future.”

The Chamber said it remains open and committed to supporting initiatives and efforts that are focused on pushing an agenda beneficial to all Africans.It noted that from 2020 onwards, the Chamber would be allocating increasing resources to key issues that it believes are important to the oil industry such as creating an enabling environment for the energy industry to grow, attracting investment into Africa, implementing lower  taxes and better fiscal regimes, supporting gas monetization, promoting women in energy, developing local content, fighting energy poverty and  developing opportunities for the African diaspora to play a role in developing our natural resources at home.

Adding that the African Energy Chamber would continue to work in partnerships with several events and conferences.

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