Solewant Nigeria Limited: the number one choice coating company for the oil and gas industry

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By Gilbert Borketey Boyefio

Plant applied pipeline coating system solution in the mill and in the field has achieved world-wide acceptance as the most reliable system for reliability, cost saving and efficient delivery of pipeline projects. Pipeline owners in Nigeria, international and indigenous oil companies now has pipeline coating application solution as the “choice coating” to protect their pipelines in offshore locations, above and below ground installations.

Corrosion is the primary factor affecting the longevity and reliability of buried and sub-sea oil and gas pipelines throughout the world. As a result, the pipelines are designed and constructed with an external corrosion resistant coating and protected simultaneously with an effective cathodic protection system. the past 50 years, oil and gas pipelines have been coated with a wide variety of different coatings, such as coal tar or asphalt enamels, polyolefin tapes, two layer extruded polyethylene coatings, single or dual layer fusion bonded epoxy coatings, heavy three or multi-layer polyolefin (polyethylene or polypropylene) coatings, etc. Different pipeline coating systems are dominant in different regions in the world.

About 90% of coating done in is the plant or mill applied Polyethylene/Polypropylene coating system. This is because terrains in this region pose a lot more challenge due to its high abrasion, high temperature and high chemical conditions. So, it is only imperative that a coating that is resistant to these conditions is widely adopted.

As an industry leader in pipe coating solutions and with more than 16 years of experience, with hundreds of thousands of square meters of line pipes, valves, flanges elbows, etc. coated the years, Solewant Limited (SNL) is dedicated to the development and supply of quality pipe coating application services to meet the challenging needs of the in this era of oil price fluctuation.

“Our competence includes pipe coating, pipeline field joint coating application services, custom coating application services, supply of specialty coating materials and application in line with industry standards. We have been able to deliver quality and standard pipe services to Gas Company, SEPLAT/NPDC, Notore and to mention but a few.

And with the Solewant state of the art pipe coating plant capable of coating PP/PE coatings on 24mtrs pipes, African pipeline owner will worry less,” Solomon Ewanehi, Group CEO of Solewant Group.

Solewant was able to deploy her mobile coating plants and coating application experts to deliver several FJC projects for MPN, NGC, Oando pipeline projects. Solewant also delivered O.U.R/TEPENG 42”X45km FJC pipeline project in using high-tech mobile coating plants on surface preparation and solid epoxy application system.

In 2012, Solewant Limited was awarded over 300km of line pipes with Seplat Petroleum Development Company to apply three layer polyethylene coating method by Seplat Petroleum Plc. The need of this pipe coating campaign was borne out of the need for Seplat petroleum, after careful consideration, to free issue coated line pipes to their pipeline laying contractors. This process proved to be efficient in both internal and external cost control, adequate records keeping and quality monitoring and management of her overall pipeline protection management system.

Seplat elected Solewantas their foremost pipe coating contractor and with this relationship, over twenty-five thousand line pipes, spools and bends of various sizes and diameter have been coated and delivered to Seplat Petroleum Development Company.

To provide the best services for its clients, Solewant Limited has formed strategic alliances and partnership with international coating material and equipment manufacturing companies such as KEMA coatings of Canada, Canusa CPS of UK, and XYT steel of China. With these alliances, Solewant has continued to deliver quality FJC services in a timely manner and within budget.

Solewant Limited has adapted her brand new pipe coating plant to coat 24mtr length of line pipes; this shall be done by first seamlessly welding two 12mtrs line pipes together. This is achieved by the use of an automated welding system to weld the pipe joints. Solewant has integrated the latest cutting edge technology into her plant to be able to coat dual pipe joints. This system will invariably reduce cost of logistics during coating and also reduce general FJC cost by almost half.


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