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In its effort to give back to the society that has helped it grow and remain relevant, JWF’s entrepreneurship has helped revive buildings while providing employment to a lot of steel workers.

The JWF Weld School was established in 2008 and managed through the HR group; staffed with a full-time CWI weld instructor. It has a Primary mission to prepare new employees as production welders as well as to enhance the skill level and certification of all employees in JWFI who hold any one of the three welder job classifications (Production  Welder, Fabrication Welder and Lead  Welder).

Safety Orientation is provided at initial entry into the school. The school trains new employees in a five-week paid curriculum designed to certify the students as an entry-level AWS-certified production welder.

JWF Weld School also confirms the certifications of experienced welders upon employment in JWF Industries. The Weld School is college-level accreditation as part of an associate’s degree program in partnership with the Pennsylvania Highlands College.

This JWF’s in-company welding school has produced some of the best welders in the industry.  To date, it has 350 AWS certified welders, 30 armor certified welders, and ten robotic welding cell.
The company also encourages young people to join them. A graduate from the local college can work for JWF while the company pays his/ her tuition in return. Apart from this, there are also two scholarships that encourage such talent.

JWFI/ETC combines Continuous technical training through JWF Weld School; Tuition reimbursement program- max $5250 per year, max under IRS rules, for those seeking continuing education or professional credentials; Career Pathing Initiative – emphasis on internal recruitment, other technical and professional development efforts through WedNet and other funding; Payment of student for those selected & who maintain employment with JWFI; John J. Polacek, Sr. Scholarship Program;  Machining apprenticeship in March, 2014 at JWF Machining.

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