Frontier’s Uquo Marginal Field – still Bursting with Life One Year After

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By Margaret Nongo-Okojokwu

Frontier Oil Limited (FOL ) is an indigenous oil and gas production and development company with a proven record of developing and bringing into production both crude oil and non-associated gas (NAG) from the Uquo field. The Company was formed in 2001 to participate in the first Federal Government of Nigeria Marginal field programme through which Frontier Oil acquired the Uquo Marginal Field located in OML13, onshore Akwa Ibom State in 2003.

FOL and its joint venture Financial and Technical partners, have successfully brought the formerly stranded Uquo Marginal Field into production and, in doing so, created a brand new gas development, supply and distribution infrastructure in the South East Niger-Delta. In addition, FOL is the Operator of a 3 company joint venture developing crude oil delivery infrastructure from 3 marginal fields located in OMLs 13 & 14 to the Mobil Qua-Iboe crude oil terminal.

FOL’s experience, as Operator of the Uquo Marginal Field, spans the entire hydrocarbon value chain, from seismic acquisition all the way through to production of crude oil and non-associated natural gas.

FOL is a professionally managed and committed indigenous operator with ambitions of becoming one of the leading indigenous E&P companies in Nigeria and a mid-size regional player.

The journey of the Uquo Gas Processing Facility Plant started in 2003 when the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) awarded the Uquo Marginal Field to Frontier Oil Limited as part of the Federal Government’s Marginal Field Programme aimed at increasing reserves, production, employment, local content and indigenous participation in the oil and gas business. Uquo Field, located in OML13, onshore Akwa Ibom State, was among the 24 marginal fields that were awarded to indigenous companies in that maiden edition.

Gas form the Frontier Oil operated Uquo field  is currently being supplied to three independent power plants– Ibom in Akwa Ibom State, Calabar in Cross State and Alaoji in Abia State. Our gas also powers the UniCem Cement plant and serves as feedstock for the Notore Fertilizer plant.  Gas, that is currently being supplied to Alaoji, Calabar and Ibom independent power plants, has resulted in an increase in the cumulative power generation of eight per cent of the total from the national grid. This contribution is expected to shoot up to 1,000 megawatts when at least two of these power plants commence generation at full capacities.

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