Dropsafe, a global leader in Drops prevention has teamed up with T Triangle, a procurement services expert based in Nigeria to ensure that both local and multinational firms are able to access robust and versatile Drops prevention solutions.

African oil and gas, power generation, construction and refineries, are among industries set to benefit from increased availability of Dropped Object (Drops) prevention solutions, the team said in a statement made available to Orient Energy Review magazine.

The deal with T Triangle encompasses the full range of Dropsafe drops prevention solutions, including the advanced polymer Dropsafe Barrier, a versatile solution with industry leading installation flexibility, and the wraparound steel mesh Dropsafe Net.

Also included in the deal is the Dropsafe Barricade – a simple yet effective solution which enables the easy demarcation of working zones to protect personnel during dangerous operations.

It hinted that Dropsafe teamed up with T Triangle, to ensure that both local and multinational firms are able to access robust and versatile Drops prevention solutions as awareness of Drops risks in Africa grows.

It said, “As Covid-19 continues to change working practices globally, many firms across industries such as oil and gas, power generation and refineries have seen a renewed focus on safety.

“With budgets expected to tighten across the board due to broader economic slowdown, it is crucial that firms take a long-term view of capital expenditure to ensure that the most cost-effective HSE solutions are installed –without compromising on quality, the statement read. 

“In O&G, power generation and refining, maintenance cycles and personnel working at height across multiple levels lead to heightened Drops risks. This can be from personnel knocking tools off raised platforms, or corroded fixtures coming loose and falling. Drops are frequently cited as one of the most common incidents in HSE reports worldwide, but the true scale of the threat in African markets may be unclear due to inconsistent reporting practices. 

It further stated that African customers have typically had to procure Drops prevention solutions from other continents in the past. In Nigeria and across West Africa, companies will benefit from increased levels of support as Dropsafe increases its penetration in the rapidly expanding African market, enabling firms to install advanced Drops prevention technologies to improve on-site safety.

The Dropsafe Commercial Director, Mike Rice, said: “There has been an increasing focus on HSE across all industrial sectors in Africa, especially in light of pandemic working conditions. This has ensured that both awareness and implementation of Drops prevention best practice has been on the rise. Scrutiny of the steps companies operating in O&G, power gen and refineries are taking to protect their workers is at levels we haven’t seen before.”

Continuing, Rice added: “T Triangle are a company who combine local, on-the-ground expertise with leading consultancy from across the globe. Our partnership with them ensures that companies operating in West Africa’s petrochemical and power industries can now ensure that their HSE strategies are watertight, with the speedy implementation of comprehensive Drops prevention programmes.”

A spokesperson from T Triangle commented “We chose to partner with Dropsafe due to the uniqueness of their Drops prevention solutions and expertise across our key industries.

“We always ensure that products in our range have been tested and certified to meet the highest performance standards. The hazards posed by Drops are known in Nigeria – what is absent is the usage of the correct technology to mitigate these risks. Wider availability of Dropsafe’s products and services will change that.”

Peace Obi

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