QWAY set to construct 500mw of Angolan renewable energy

QWAY set to construct 500mw of Angolan renewable energy


A Renewable Energy Company, QWAY has demonstrated a keen interest in constructing 500 MW of renewable energy infrastructure in Angola. It is expected that 250 MW to 300 MW of this capacity would consist of solar power plants. The rest would consist of wind and biomass plants. According to QWAY, the Ministry of Energy has estimated that the country has around 55 GW of solar photovoltaic potential.

To achieve its objective, QWAY partnered with the local company, Thueia, specialized in biomass plants. Both entities anticipate that the development phase of these projects will be completed by 2020, followed by the construction phase.

The completion of these plants will allow the country to move towards its goal of achieving 100% electrification rate by 2025. For this, the country intends to increase this figure to 50% by 2022, and 60% by 2025. Studies have recently revealed that 200,000 new connections are needed each year to reach the next goal.

Source: Alternative Energy Africa

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